Greg Bruhn

General Sales Manager

I stumbled into the wine business in 1985 while working for a local water distribution company.  Yes indeed I went from delivering water to wine and could only interpret that as a sign of destiny.  Along the way I spent a good portion of my career as a wine and spirits broker covering seven Midwestern states with a rotating portfolio of 15-20 suppliers specializing in brand building and new product introductions.  The remaining years of experience have been spent working with  large and small wholesalers in management capacities both  on and off premise.  The wine industry has afforded many domestic and international educational and travel opportunities from the first growths of Bordeaux to the Cru’s of Burgundy to Coonawarra Australia and most world renowned wine regions in between.  It was with great pride and enthusiasm that I joined World Class Wines to assure team professionalism and continuity in fine wine representation and strategy for our supplier partners and trade channel customers.

 My wife Carol and I are empty nesters with two beautiful daughters who are forging ahead and building careers of their own in sales and service industries.  The wine industry has been a blessing that continues to bloom everyday with new opportunities to learn, grow and share with others.


Phone: (612) 709-5077